Horse trails

Come with your horse and enjoy Riaño and Mampodre mountain

If you want to have a completely different experience with your horse, we recommend you visit the following website: Cabalgando sueños

Please read Hostel Rules, section 1 before booking.

"La Parada" is the name of the Maraña hostel. We have conserved it, because the hostel was a stud before.

This building was a stable for the state stallions, cared by the soldiers of the Spanish Army, who spent about three months a year here.

The hostel still conserves the original rings on the facade in order to tie up the horses. We have prepared all you need to wash up your horse after the trail, keeping it fresh and cleaned to be at ease.

Next to the hostel, there is a big fenced enclosure, where the animals can overnight outside the trailer and without being tied up.

We offer them grass and alfalfa during their stay (upon demand of the client).

We offer you a place to park your trailer and your car.

All the facilities are in the open air and in the hostel. The most convinient for the horses.

And, of course, the best service, food and resting for the horse riders that stay with us in the hostel.

Here you have some tracks, taking the Maraña hostel, La Parada, as a starting point: 

Maraña - Lois -Maraña

34 km trail, moderated difficulty.

In this link we can add the visit to the Anciles valley (+9km) and if you are lucky, you can see buffalos grazing in total freedom.

Wikiloc link: Maraña-Lois-Maraña trail

Maraña-Puebla de Lillo-Maraña

35 km trail, moderated difficulty.

Wikiloc link:  Maraña-Puebla de Lillo-Maraña trail


Semicircular trail, 29 km, moderated difficulty.

Part of the trail goes through a paved road.

Wikiloc link: Maraña-Ventaniella-Maraña trail


28 km trail, moderated difficulty.

Part of the trail goes through a paved road.

Wikiloc link:  Maraña-Liegos-Maraña trail


Circular trail, 30 km.

Wikiloc link: Maraña-Arcenorio-Maraña trail