Motorhome site

Closed when snowed, because road passage can be impossible or difficult.

Before starting maybe you like to read this article about our motorhome:   LIFE IN A CAMPER


The prices are based per vehicle per 24 hours, that is:

* without electricity: 7 €
* with electricity: 12 €

In July and August the departure is between 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.

If you are only passing by,  0 € are charged for the use of the motorhome service point.

The balance of the price is payable when you arrive at site.

You can stay a maximum of 4 days in the same week.

In the motorhome site, the vehicles must park in the place indicated by the hostel staff. 

Using awning, tables, chairs and any other furniture is not allowed in the motorhome site. 

Making fire is not allowed in the motorhome site.

Between 00:00 and 08:00 a.m., silence must be strictly respected. 

Stray dogs are not allowed in the motorhome site. All faeces must be picked up and placed in the waste bins provided.

You accept this rules when staying in the motorhome site.


-When snowed, consult accessibility to the site. 

- Given the orography of the motorhome site, it is difficult to place a vehicle over 8 meters long.

Maraña Hostel 

Motorhome site, Mampodre.

+34 690 819 233

Websites dedicated to the world of caravanning and motorhome sites:


We have the following services and facilities: 

- Four electric hook-up (16A), 

- Motorhome service point. 

- Three drinking water taps. 

- WIFI zone

There is a beautiful site, with wood picnic tables and views of Peña Hoguera. 

There is a rock climbing sector with 28 routes, located 10 meters away from the hostel. Most of the routes have an initiation grade (III, IV, V). There are also more than 100 climbing routes in the environment. 

There is a 30 meters long zip line.

And for the most expert climbers, there are many routes until 8b grade.

Visit our climbing section