Motorhome area
Closed when snowed, because road passage can be impossible or difficult.

Before starting maybe you like to read this article about our AC:   LIFE IN A CAMPER


The price of the stay in the campervan area is of 6€/24h per vehicle.

The price of the stay with electricity is of 9€/24h per vehicle.

The discharge of water without staying overnight has a price of 2€.

The payment of services is paid in advance.

The maximun time of stay allowed is of 4 days, during the same week.

Whithin the campervan area, the vehicles have to park in the sesignated area assigned by the person in charge

The awning extensión, tables, chairs or any othe type os equipment in sot allowed within the Campervan area.

Fire for cooking is not allowed in the parking campervan area.

Between 00:00h and 08:00h silence time must rigorously be respected.

Stray dogs are not allowed in the campervan area and excrement must be picked up.

Staying in the área means the acceptance of the normative.


-In times of snow, consult accessibility to the area. 

- Given the orography of the AC parking, it is difficult to locate a vehicle over 8m. of length.

Albergue de Maraña 

Motorhome area, Mampodre.

(+34) 987697498 / 690819233

webs dedicated to the world of caravans and the situation of the CA:

We have the necessary services: 

- Four 16A electric light sockets, 

-Water drain and gray. 

-Three drinking water points. 

-WIFI zone

The area has a beautiful summer picnic, under Peña Hoguera. Equipped with wooden picnic tables, 

Ten meters away we have a rock climbing sector with 28 tracks. More than half, of initiation degree: Third, fourth, fifth. There is a zip line 30 meters long. And for the most experienced, there is a good group of routes up to grade 8a. 

Visit our climbing section