Hostel Rules



1- How to make a reservation?
2- Deposit refund.
3- Check-in hours and registration.
4- Check-out hours and registration.
5- Hostel timetables and code of conduct.

             5.1  Conduct.         
             5.2 Meeting room, bar, dinning room. 
             5.3 Rooms.
             5.4 Showers and toilets.
             5.5 Services and facilities.

6- Hosteller rights.
7- Hosteller responsibilities.
8- Penalty regulations.
9- Complaints.
0- Final provision.

1- How to make a reservation?

a) Contact us by phone (+34 690 819 233) or by e-mail to confirm availability. Once confirmed, we will request a deposit of 14€ per person and day* to fix your reservation; the amount of this deposit will be deducted from the total sum of the hostel services. 

Our account number is: ES9000495000192116433133 - TROTACIMAS, SL.
You should include in the concept the following informations: reservation dates, number of people and name of the person who makes the reservation. Then,  send an e-mail to or a whatsapp message to the mobile phone of the hostel, attatching a copy of the bank transfer voucher.

*Example. Reservation of John Doe for 3 people, 17th and 18th April (check-in 17th, check-out 19th): 

1 - Phone us or send us an e-mail to confirm availability. 

2 - Once confirmed, make a deposit of € 14,00 x 3 people x 2 days = € 84,00.

3 - In the concept you should include "John Doe - 3 people - 17th & 18th April".

4 - Send us a copy of the voucher by e-mail or by whatsapp.

b) Please note that Maraña hostel "La Parada" does not confirm any reservation until the deposit   or the copy of the voucher is received.  
c) The hostel reserves the right to request an additional deposit, that will be refunded at the time of check-out if there are no dammages.
d) The payment of the deposit implies the compliance of the provisions of this agreement, by both parts.

2- Deposit refund:  

a) If the reservation is canceled more than 30 days in advance, the total amount of the deposit will be refunded.
b) If the reservation is canceled between 30 and 16 days in advance, 50% of the total amount of the deposit will be refunded.
c) The reservation will not be refunded when canceled 15 days or less in advance. This will apply to each of the reserved places. Keep in mind that this hostel is not responsible for bad weather forecasts in the area. Although the weather is bad, you can enjoy the facilities and offers of our hostel.

3- Check-in hours and registration

a) The check-in will take place at the time of arrival, always after 4:00 p.m. and before 10:30 p.m.
(if you arrive later, let us know).
b) In order to check in, an identity card or passport must be shown. In case of citizens outside the EU, only passport will be accepted. 
c) The total amount of the stay and contracted services must be paid at the time of check-in.

4- Check-out hours and registration

a) The check-out must be done before 10:30 a.m.
The key will be left in the corresponding locker and/or room. At the time of check-out the users will pay, when applicable, additional charges generated in the hostel and damages that may have been caused by the malicious use of the facilities.
c) Once the good condition of the facilities has been verified, the entire deposit will be returned to the head of the group. 
d) You will receive a detailed invoice of the services provided.  
e) In the event that a client wishes to end their stay in advance, the amount paid for the total stay will not be refunded. 
f) The hostel is obliged to inform the user groups, before the agreement is formalized, about the cancellation clauses. 

5- Hostel timetables and code of conduct:

5.1 Conduct: 

a) The hostellers will have a respectful behavior with the staff and the other clients, taking responsibility for their actions. The management of the hostel shall not be liable for any action or inaction of a hosteller. 
b) They will respect the resting hours at night. 
c) They will avoid altercations. 
d) The will follow the relevant indications that they receive from the staff of the hostel.  
e) In case of any discomfort or disrespectful act caused to clients or hostel staff, the right of admission is reserved. In the cases in which there are alterations of coexistence, due to the antisocial behavior of some clients, the management of the hostel may order their expulsion.  
f) Water and electricity must not be wasted. 
g) Smoking is not allowed inside the hostel. 
h) It is not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on the upper floor of the hostel. 
i) The consumption or sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited in all facilities of the hostel
(including the outside area). 
j) Please respect total silence hours at night, from 11:00 p.m to 8:00. a.m. (Saturdays and holiday's eves: 0:00 to 8:00 a.m). You must respect the resting hours. 
k) Access to the upper floor of the hostel is not allowed wearing street footwear, or hard boots, or technical material hanging on ruckpacks, ice axes, crampons, climbing nails, skis, etc.
l) Pets are not allowed in the upper floor of the hostel. 
m) Meals are considered collective acts. The schedules established for the services must be respected for the good of the community, the organization and the good order in the hostel.
n) Users wishing to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the hostel will have to book it in advance. 
ñ) Clothes, shoes, or other objects are not allowed to be hanged in the windows; you have specific places for this purpose. 
o) Doors must be used for entrances and exits; windows will never be used to that effect. 
p) Every user of the hostel must take care of the social norms of coexistence and personal hygiene, and he/she should be dressed and fit properly in the common places. 

5.2 Meeting room, bar, dinning room

a) Breakfast hours are from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. in summer season (from 1st April to 31st October) and from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. in winter season (from 1st November 1 31st March). When requested, we will prepare it earlier (later than these times, breakfast is not included). 
Dinner will be served at 9:00 p.m. in summer season and at 8:30 p.m. in winter season. When required, two shifts will be established with different hours. If you don't attend dinner without prior notice, dinner will be invoiced, even if you have not enjoyed it. 
b) The dining room tables are for the use of the clients of the hostel, so tables destined to meals must be free. 
c)  In breakfast or meal times, the user will take the plates, glasses and cutlery that he/she needs for his specific use.
d) All users will try to collaborate, bringing to the table the food platters that will be provided from the bar counter.
e) When finishing, the tables will be cleaned up, and dirty dishes and cutlery will be put in the place that is indicated for this purpose. 
f) The food served in this hostel is good quality and abundant, so it will satisfy sufficiently your appetite. It is not allowed to take away the food left on the trays and platters.
g) The consumption, within the facilities of the hostel, of alcoholic beverages that are not acquired in the hostel, entails an uncorking rate. Consult it with the management of the hostel.

5.3 Rooms: 

a) The rooms are only for sleeping purposes. Please, respect the resting hours and your room mates. 
b) Big rooms (6 and 14 places) have individual lockers and the small room (4 places) has a door with lock.  
c) In case of theft, the hostel management is not responsible. 
d) It is not allowed to store or consume food or drinks in the rooms. They will be stored in the places indicated by the management of the hostel.
e) Cleaning hours of the rooms are from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please, facilitate this tasks to the hostel staff. 

5.4 Showers and toilets: 

a) Shower hours for customers are from 8:00 to 10:30 a.m. and from 1:00 to 10:30 p.m.
b) Hot water is limited. Moderate use and prudential time in the shower are requested so that everyone can enjoy it.
c) The use of bathing shoes in showers is recommended.
d) Please inform the staff of the hostel when there is no toilet paper, hand paper or soap, to replace it as soon as possible. 
e) Please use the mop at the end of your shower, to avoid puddles on the bathroom floor and possible slips by other users.

5.5 Services and facilities

a) The sheets and the duvet are included in the price. The malicious danger of the duvet, the pillow or the mattress will entail a payment according to the damage caused.  
b) Each user will take care of the bed making. At the end of the stay, the sheets will be removed and deposited in the indicated place. Try to leave the duvets folded on the bed. 
c) Towels can be rented for € 3 / towel (they can be used throughout the stay).
It has a deposit of € 5. 
d) Meals will be held in the dining room or in places designated for this purpose by the hostel management. It is not allowed to prepare or consume meals in the bedrooms.  
e) The hostel has a washing machine available for the clients from 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., upon payment of € 5 for each quick wash cycle. The hostel does not have a dryer.
f) The hostel has a leisure room with TV, books and board games, free for customers.
g) The hostel has a small storage room, where the clients can store bikes, books and skis. The hostel is not responsible for the deterioration or the theft of the equipment stored there.
h) It is forbidden to take furniture, mattresses and other objects outside of the establishment. Users must respect the order and distribution of furniture. It is not allowed under no circumstances to alter this orden without permission from the management. 
i) The hostel has a first aid kit, but there ir no health staff, or means of transport. It is convenient that users have any health documentation for Social Security, whether they are Spanish or foreign. 

6- Hosteller rights

Any user of the hostel will have the following rights:

a) Use the facilities and services contracted, in accordance with this regulation and with the internal regulations of the hostel.
b) Receive objective, accurate and complete information about each and every one of the conditions for the provision of services. 
c) Obtain all the documents accrediting the terms of the contract and, in any case, the corresponding receipts.
d) Make complaints or claims; they will have a claim sheet at their disposal for this purpose.
e) Any other rights that are recognized in the current applicable legislation.

7- Hosteller responsabilities

Any user of the hostel will have the following obligations: 

a) Respect the provisions of these regulations and the instructions issued by the hostel management.
b) Make good use of the facilities, as well as their equipment and services.
c) Inform the hostel staff about the misoperations, breaks and deficiencies that they can observe.
d) Respect the rights of other people, especially in common zones. 
e) Behave correctly, facilitating at all times the work of the hostel staff and the coexistence with other users.
f) Pay the public prices required for the use of the services and facilities of the hostel.  
g) Any other obligations arising from current legislation or these regulations.

8- Penalty regulations: 

People or groups that fail to comply with the provisions of the internal regulations of the hostel can be expelled from the hostel and/or be prohibited to enter for a period to be determined by the management of the hostel, depending on the severity of the events.

1.- The following shall constitute grounds for expulsion and / or prohibition, among others:

a) Intentional deterioration or negligence in the care and conservation of the facilities or materials assigned or that of the common zones and rooms.
b) The repeated disobedience to the instructions of the hostel management.
c) The maintenance of a stubbornly contrary behavior to the good order of the services or of the coexistence with other users of the hostel.
d) Non-payment of the public prices required for the use of hostel services.
e) The use of the facilities or materials assigned and other dependencies of the hostel for other purposes than those that constitute their specific object. 

f) Smoke into the hostel. 

2.- Damages to the facilities, furniture and material must be paid by the liable person. The material perpetrators of the infractions will be directly responsible for the infractions contained in this ordinance, either by action or omission, except in the cases in which they are minors or any cause of imputability concurs, in which case their parents, guardians or those who hold their legal custody will be answered  to respond.

9- Complaints: 

For the purposes of the guarantees of the rights that assist the hostel users, and if there was no prior understanding with the hostel management, claim sheets are available to the client. Any user, after showing their ID card or passport, can fill out these claim sheets by stating, along with the claim, their name, surname and address. 

10- Final provision: 

In the event that the entire hostel is occupied by a single common group, the schedules and conditions of this regulation / agreement can be negotiated with the management of the hostel. 

The management of Maraña Hostel LA PARADA wishes you a happy stay and that you enjoy all the activities that you will be doing in the surroundings.