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Webcams Maraña

Webcam 0: view of Mampodre from Maraña hostel, LA PARADA

here: webcam from Maraña hostel 

Webcam 2: view of Peña Hoguera, as a courtesy from Cabañas Patagónicas

Webcam 1:  view of Mampodre, as a courtesy from Cabañas Patagónicas


Mampodre Massif is located in the Leonese part of the Cantabrian Mountains, in Northern Spain.

It borders Maraña on the North, Acebedo on the Northeast, and Puebla de Lillo and Redipollos on the West.

Several summits are higher than 2,000 meters.

The most important are the following:

- Peña La Cruz (2,196 m) is the highest summit.  On the IGN maps, it appears as Mampodre. It has a secondary summit called Pico de La Uve (2,161 m)

- Peña El Convento (2,146 m). From here towards the Northwest, you can reach Pico Salamanquino (2,105 m)

- Pico Cervunal or Valcerrao (2,173 m). From here towards the South, you have a long crest where you can find summits as Peña La Graya (2,071 m) and Peña Bustil (2,031 m)

- Pico Polinosa (2,159 m)

- Pico del Mediodía (2,179 m). From here towards the South and across Crestón de los Cubos (2,091 m), you can find Peña Brava (2,095 m) and Peña Mediana/Azahara (2,052 m)

- Pico Valjarto (2,046 m)

Mampodre Massif
Mampodre Massif

Winter climbing in Pico Mediodia

Click on the image to see the climbing topos.

Near Mampodre

Near the hostel, we can find:

The most famous summits near Mampodre
(distance from the hostel to the beginning of the track):

Peña Ten 2,142 m (La Uña):
6 minutes driving distance.

Gilbo 1,679 m (Horcadas or Riaño):
25 minutes driving distance.

Yordas or Burín 1,964 m (Burón or Liegos):
10 minutes driving distance.

Remelende 1,888 m and Pico Lago 2,009 m
(Puerto de las Señales): 20 minutes driving distance.

Espigüete 2,451 m (from Valverde de la Sierra):
40 minutes driving distance.

Ski pistes: 40 minutes driving distance  from the hostel. 

Ice waterfalls in Tarna

15 minutes driving distance

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